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2019 Republic_Day

26 Jan 2019

Our SACS MAVMM Engineering College celebrate 70th Republic Day on 26/

01/ 2019 .Principal Dr.S.Navaneetha Krishnan deliver the welcome speech 
Cheif guest 
Thiru .V.K.L. Chandra sekaran,Secretary, MAVMM Sabai hoisted the 
national flag.March past done by All Department Students,NSS and 
Rotract Students.Thiru .V.K.L. Chandra sekaran ,Secretary, MAVMM Sabai 
deliver the speech on Our Great Martyrs and their role on National 
Thiru.S.R.Gopala Krishnan @ Gopi, Vice President,MAVMM Sabai
Thiru.G.Jeya ,Transport Secretary,
Thiru P.Thiyagarajan,Vice President,MAVMM Sabai
Thiru.R.Ravi Mohan,Joint Secretary,OAA MAVMM School of Management
Thiru.P.K.R.Mohan,Treasurer, SACS MAVMM Hospital
Thiru.K.Rajkumar, Joint Secretary,SLS MAVMM Ayira Vaisyar College
Thiru.D.Manikandan , Member, MAVMM Sabai

Special invities from solvakia Thiru.Robert,Thiru Jakob sabko,Thiru 
Leo Safar were also participated.All HODS and Staffs were 
participated in celebration.Dean(Research) Dr.R.Sudhakarapandian 
deliver the Vote of thanks. 
Ganesan Gopal
Secretary and Correspondent

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